Our company was founded in 1990, and it has been busy in textile retail and wholesale eversince, Weha have startted up with a 20Sqm store, which we have quickly outgrown. NOw we have ceveral warehouses and retail locations in our area as well sa other cities. Our business constist mostly of the wholesale and retial of clothing textiles, but other tipes of fabrics and upholstery accessories can also be found on our shelves. From classical textiles to satin, from the single colored textiles to the wildest patterns, you will find everything you desire in the stores of Nagy Textile.

Our headquarters, offices and wholesaler warehouse is on Closca Blvd Nr.94 located. Our retails stores are conveniently located in the cities Somesul Mall, and at the south foot of the Decebal bridge. Recently we have broadened the number of our stores with a Baia Mare location.


In our wholesale department you will find gentlemens's and ladie's textiles in great variety, as well as silks, linings, glues and other different accessories. At top of that, we can also get you the all kinds of special textiles and linens.


Address: Bld Closca Nr. 94 Szatmárnémeti Cod Postal: 440217
Telefon: 0040744701240
Fax: 0261722188
Cod Unic de Identificare: RO 15457958
Nr. Registrul Comertului: J30/413/2003